Accelerate Monthly: Is a Recession Inevitable?

  • High inflation is persistent and is expected to continue. High inflation implies substantially lower stock prices.
  • Central banks are tightening policy in an attempt to get inflation under control. Watch for them to tighten into a recession.
  • Despite their significant year-to-date weakness, growth stocks remain at bubble-like valuations. Look to value stocks for outperformance.
  • Accelerate Arbitrage Fund (TSX: ARB): SPAC and merger arbitrage
  • Accelerate Absolute Return Hedge Fund (TSX: HDGE): Long-short equity
  • Accelerate OneChoice Alternative Portfolio ETF (TSX; ONEC): Alternatives portfolio solution
  • Accelerate Enhanced Canadian Benchmark Alternative Fund (TSX: ATSX): Buffered index
  • Accelerate Carbon-Negative Bitcoin ETF (TSX: ABTC): Eco-friendly bitcoin



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Julian Klymochko

Julian Klymochko

Founder and CEO of Accelerate Financial Technologies. Learn more at